Years 11-12

Making the transition from Year 10 into senior study is an exciting and challenging time. Students have greater choice and freedom to shape their academic pursuits. They have the opportunity to follow their passions, explore disciplines that intrigue them and set themselves up for life beyond school. 

At Newington, senior students can choose between studying: 

  • The HSC, the main senior study pathway for Year 11 and Year 12 students in NSW.
  • The IB, designed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation to provide in–depthchallenging courses of study designed to develop high-quality learning skills particularly suited to university study. 
  • VET courseslink for boys who want to complete Year 11 and 12 and achieve a Higher School Certificate, but do not want to go to university. 

Boys are provided with information and advice to help them make good academic decisions, including a formal opportunity to discuss their subject selections with their Head of House, the Heads of relevant academic departments, our Head of Careers and our Head of AcademicEvery boy is an individual learner and needs an individual pattern of study.  

In deciding which pathway to take, boys should be guided by their strengths, interests and aspirations. Those who take this advice are the boys who will reach their highest levels of achievement across their last two years of school.