Mathematics General

HSC Mathematics

Course Description

Preliminary Course [Board Developed Course] 2 units
HSC Course [Board Developed Course] 2 units

Prerequisites: Stage 5.2 level (B pathway) course or above.
Exclusions: Students may not study any other Stage 6 Mathematics course in conjunction with General Mathematics 2.

Mathematics General 2 focuses on mathematical skills and techniques that have direct application to everyday activity. The course content is written in five areas of study, with an emphasis on applications and modelling tasks. The modelling tasks may draw from more than one area of study and encourage transfer of knowledge across the entire course, as well as linking with study in other Stage 6 subjects. The course is fully prescribed, and is designed to support TAFE and other vocational courses. It provides an appropriate mathematical background for students who do not wish to pursue the formal study of mathematics at tertiary level, while giving a strong foundation for university study in the areas of business, humanities, nursing and paramedical sciences.


Once the assessment of the HSC course has commenced, some Preliminary course work can be included in assessment tasks for General Mathematics.