The IBDP assessment operates differently to the HSC and Year 10 courses. There are 3 key differences

Internal and External Assessments


The Grades in Subjects and the overall Score

1. Students receive a grade from 1-7 for each Group subject

Final results for DP students are given in grades 1 – 7 with ‘7’ as the highest grade and 1 the lowest. These grades represent levels of quality of work including demonstration of higher order thinking skills and sophistication of work.  Click here to read more about the Subject Grade Descriptors.

These grades are generated from a combination of IB assessments. The diagram below explains how each subject has a different combination of external and internal assessment with different weightings.

2. Students receive a score / 45 at the end of the Diploma Programme provided they meet all the requirements for achievement

The score / 45 is calculated from:

6 subjects x grade / 7 = 42 maximum of 3 Core points derived from the combination of TOK and EE Grades. TOK and the EE receive grades from A – E and the matrix below shows the possible combination of grades.

A 3 3 2 2 Failing Condition
B 3 2 2 1
C 2 2 1 0
D 2 1 0 0
E Failing Condition

Further information on Diploma Programme Assessment can be found here.

3. Students use either their score / 45 or a converted ATAR equivalent rank to achieve university entry.

Depending on the location of the university, DP graduates can use either their score / 45 or converted ATAR equivalent ranking to achieve university entry. There are 3 key points to understand:

  • For Australian universities, students select their university preferences and enter them in the same way and at the same time as students taking the HSC or other state curriculum. The majority of entry opportunities for DP students into Australian universities are use a converted ATAR equivalent system. This conversion scale is published in May / June of YR12 and applies for entry into university the following year. This conversion scale fluctuates each year in the same way as the HSC – ATAR conversion does.
  • For overseas universities, students apply for positions in the same way as other international students. These universities use the score / 45 and can also require additional specific subject scores.
  • Further information on university applications for IB students can be found here.

Other assessment questions:

Does other work / school exams count towards my score / 45?

No, this is called school-based assessment. Teachers and students use this information and feedback to help them understand their current progress, strengths and weaknesses. Students use this information to help them make decisions about how they will spend their time or seek further assistance. This is also referred to as reflecting on their learning.