VET course assessment

How are VET Courses assessed?


VET course assessment

VET courses are competency based. In a competency-based course, assessment of competencies is standards referenced. This means that a student’s performance is judged against a prescribed standard, not against the performance of other students.

The purpose of assessment is to judge competence on the basic of performance against the performance criteria set down in the course. A student is judged either ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’.

For HSC purposes, VET Industry Curriculum Framework courses may also be examined in a similar way to other HSC subjects with a formal HSC examination.


University recognition

A number of universities have agreed to consider recognition of VET HSC course achievements. This is under review and for more information you should check with the individual TAFE College where the course is offered. Sydney Institute TAFE has information on credit transfer and Articulation from TAFE NSW to Universities.

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