Language Arts

Elective Subject

About Language Arts

The Language Arts elective, coordinated and taught by the Learning Enhancement Department, is designed for students who require further development of the basic skills of literacy. Participation in this course requires consultation with the Head of Learning Enhancement as it targets students who have demonstrated a need to consolidate their literacy skills. This elective is also most appropriate for students who speak English as a second or other language.

Areas for further skill development are identified through a variety of cognitive assessments. Students’ individual needs are then recognised and catered for in a small class environment. During this time, instruction is centred upon research based programs which are multi-modal in their delivery.

Students are immersed in literacy-based units of work, each of which provide opportunities to develop key literacy skills, particularly in the areas of vocabulary, reading comprehension, syntax, grammar and spelling. The development of these skills is promoted in their generalisation into other areas of the curriculum. Progress is monitored by on-going formative and summative assessment that provides frequent feedback and ongoing support for the student.

The Learning Enhancement Department participates in Study Hall, an after school initiative to assist students with homework, assignments and study skills. A Learning Enhancement teacher is available to assist on Mondays – Thursdays from 3:30pm to 4:45pm. Study Hall provides students with an opportunity to receive individual assistance for each of the Key learning Areas, thereby promoting transference of learning across each curriculum area.