Coding and Robotics

Building the skills to make things happen. A Group B Elective.

Course Description

This course will be taught by Technology staff

The application of technology, through coding and programming to solve problems is a core skill known as computational thinking. This type of thinking is becoming a highly valued skill in technology driven businesses.

The practical application of coding and programming in the evolving world of robotics is one of the most quickly developing areas in society.

Coding and Robotics will look at these fields in theory and in practice.  Utilising the emerging platforms and tools, it will give students experience with technologies from web applications to micro controllers and robotics. Students will be able to build on their new understanding of programming and apply this to designing and creating robots in a wide variety of applications.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a range of online competitions hosted by Australian educational institutions including the University of Sydney and the University of NSW.

Areas of Study

  • Approaches to coding and programming
  • Platforms and languages
  • The application of technology to solve problems
  • Using coding and robotics principles in creative ways
  • Managing a robotics project over time

Forms of Assessment

  • Development of creative projects
  • Reflection & self-documentation of learning
  • Peer-reviews
  • Independent and collaborative design projects

Links to the Broader Curriculum

  • Critical thinking
  • Mathematics
  • Technological applications
  • Communication