Graphics Technology

A Group A Elective.

Course Description

The study of Graphics Technology develops an understanding of the significance of graphical communication as a universal language and the techniques and technologies used to convey ideas and information. Graphics Technology develops student’s ability to read, interpret and produce graphical presentations that communicate information using a variety of techniques and media.

Students will learn to produce a wide range of images, models, pictures and drawings. They will gain an understanding of graphics standards, conventions and procedures used in manual and computer-based drafting and design (CAD). CAD programs include Solid Works and Vector Works. Students will also model their designs using the CNC milling machines and 3D printers.

The course is designed for students who might like to pursue careers in Architecture, Product Design, Graphic Design and Furniture Design.

Year 9 Core Modules

  • Pictorial Rendering
  • Product Drawing
  • Pictorial/Orthogonal Drawing
  • Assembly Drawing
  • CAD Drawing and Design
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Product Drawing and Design
  • 3D Modelling

Year 10 Option Modules

  • Architectural Drawing
  • Cabinet and Furniture Drawing
  • Graphic Design and Communication
  • CAD Drawing

Computer aided design and drafting will be undertaken in all four focus areas in Year 10.

Course Emphasis

The major emphasis of the Graphics Technology course is on students actively planning, developing and producing quality graphical presentations using manual and computer based technologies. They will also develop an understanding of the use of graphics in industrial, commercial and domestic applications.