Great Write Sharks

Writing the stories that can be written. A Newington Elective.

Course Description

This course will be taught staff from the English Department in collaboration with external experts, authors and publishers.

Have you ever had a wild, whimsical idea for an imaginary world – whacky but wonderful all at once – that you wished you had the time to write into existence? Or had a pulsating pearl of wisdom ever prompted you to write with passion and purpose only for time constraints to bring the window of inspiration crashing to a close, leaving your once-dazzling idea beckoning for breathing room?

If the prospect of writing an uplifting adventure novel, or a punchy graphic, or a collection of short stories, or a biography of a family member with a fascinating story to tell, or a hilariously thought-provoking screenplay, or a series of discerning investigative journalism pieces, or ANY story – fictional or factual (or a blend of both!) –  that you feel would form the foundations of a thrilling read, then this is your moment.

Perhaps time and guidance constraints have been the reasons that your ideas haven’t found their way to fruition. This elective will aim to embrace your ideas, harness your inspiration and motivations, equip you with the skills to act on these creatively and critically, and offer you the time, guidance, and space to weave together the great work – whether fiction or non-fiction – you’ve often yearned to write, leaving you with your own book to be proud of.

Areas of study

  • Flair: Find your creative flair when writing in fiction and/or non-fiction
  • World-building: Have fun forging fictional worlds
  • Modes: Make sense of the nuances of different writing modes
  • Research: Build a defence for the integrity of your work via comprehensive research
  • Publication: Discover the ins and outs of the publisher’s process
  • Editing: Learn to use feedback more effectively to make your writing come alive

Modes of Assessment

  • Proposal defence
  • Peer Review
  • Product of writing workshops
  • The finished product

Links to the Broader Curriculum

  • Writing and communication skills
  • Time management and organisational skills
  • Critical and creative thinking