It’s All In Your Mind

An Introduction to Psychology. A Newington Elective.

Course Description

This course will be taught by staff from a range of discipline areas with a background in psychology.

We talk about pressure and pleasure, how we are often guided by our emotions, how we reason problems through logic and how we draw conclusions.  But, how do these things happen?

It’s All In Your Mind is an introduction to the study of psychology, looking at the experiences we have in our everyday lives, the decisions that people make. It will ask how does our understanding of our brain help us make sense of how people respond to different situations in different ways.

The course will take a thematic approach to looking at the psychological factors associated with performance in a broad range of different ways, and integrate real and hypothetical case studies to illustrate the applied nature of the psychological theory.

Areas of study

  • Theory and concepts from the field of psychology
  • The interactions between psychology and performance
  • Scientific research methodologies in psychology

Modes of Assessment

  • Research
  • Literature and media review
  • Presentations and workshops

Links to the Broader Curriculum

  • Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Creative Arts
  • Sports science