Pop Culture

Pop Culture in global contexts. A Group B Elective.

Course Description

This course will be taught by Languages staff and collaborate with experts in a range of fields.

What makes something popular? What makes something which is specific to one culture achieve global popularity? This course will explore these questions and more. Gain firsthand experience of some of the cultural phenomena from different cultures around the world and explore how they have gained global recognition. Phenomena include Manga and Anime, Bollywood, Kungfu and K-pop, world cuisines as well as others of interest to students.

This will be particularly useful to boys who have an interest in any of these activities or who have a desire to explore popular culture in general.

Areas of Study:

  • Film, music, sport, dance and food
  • Language and popular culture
  • Globalisation
  • Tradition and Modernity
  • Research skills

Modes of Assessment

  • Practical Assessment
  • reflection and self-documentation of learning
  • Independent and collaborative projects
  • Reviews of Film and other samples of popular culture
  • Research Skills
  • Peer feedback

Links to the Broader Curriculum

  • Critical thinking
  • Technology
  • History of popular culture
  • The Arts
  • Written and verbal communication