Fail faster, succeed sooner. A Group B Elective.

Course Description

This course will be taught by Technology teachers.

There are lots of big ideas that have changed the way we live. New technology, new ways of doing things or new products that have solved problems in ways that have made life easier and the world a better place to live. It’s called progress.

Each big idea starts off as a small, new idea. Each new product that is in our hands and now part of our everyday started with a first edition, a sample, a prototype.

This course is a series of challenges where the emphasis is on the prototyping of new ideas and concepts. Each challenge requires students as designers to develop prototypes using cardboard mockups, sketching, computer assisted drafting (CAD) and laser cut or 3D printed designs. Students will build skills in CAD, sketching techniques and model making.

This subject is an applied and hands-on technology course that will see students research, designing and manufacturing products using our workshops and technology spaces.

Areas of Study

  • Students as designers
  • Design thinking training
  • Technical skills
  • Prototyping and production

Modes of Assessment

  • Peer review
  • Technical skills
  • Project management
  • Production
  • Exhibition

Links to the Broader Curriculum

  • Critical Thinking
  • Design Thinking and Technologies
  • Service learning