Sports Media and Journalism

Writing and producing compelling stories for different sporting audiences. A Group B Elective.

Subject Description

This course will be taught staff from the PDHPE Department in collaboration with staff from other specialist departments.

Sports Media and Journalism focusses on the a wide range of sports journalism and sports media industries and skills, and asks students to put them into practice.

Students will gain knowledge and real skills in writing and producing compelling stories for different sporting audiences across formats such as video, audio and online platforms including blogs and mobile applications.

They will also develop skills in using social media, and learn how audiences and technology are both challenging and changing today’s sports media landscape. They will question the ethics and the decisions behind how sports are reported in Australia and across the globe. The course will include investigation into:

  • Sports management
  • Sports Marketing
  • “The Interview”
  • Writing for the Media
  • Audio journalism
  • Contemporary issues in Sport
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Sports Reporting
  • Gender and sports reporting
  • Using Social Media
  • Video production
  • Business, Politics and Sport
  • Still photography is sport

Areas of Study

  • The written word and Sports Media
  • Sports Journalism and Visual media (TV, Video-blogging)
  • Sports Journalism and Radio
  • Sports Journalism and Social Media

Modes of Assessment

  • Peer Review
  • Research Portfolio
  • Exhibition

Links to the Broader Curriculum

  • Sport/PDHPE
  • English/Journalism
  • Film
  • Photography