Design thinking and problem solving in built environments. A Group B Elective.

Subject Description

This course will be taught by staff across departments, bringing expertise across a range of disciplines to students.

This Elective will engage students with the technical skills and the conceptual understanding to explore how we can design architecture, public and private spaces, and the built environment all around us. This program will develop students’ ability to understand the relationship between people, the structures we design and the environment we build them on.

Students will redesign cities, invent new ways to live and examine the ways in which architecture can influence how we engage with our environment. Can we make our streets more fun? How can we get places faster? What does an awesome built environment look like?

Forms of Assessment

  • Presentations of creative projects
  • Reflection & self-documentation of learning
  • Individual and collaborative design projects
  • Design through technology

Links to the Formal Curriculum

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Social design and issues