The Three P’s

Art in practice in new ways. A Group B Elective.

Subject Description

There are lots of words that start with P that this course will investigate over a year.

This course will be a hands on art-making course that will apply traditional and innovative techniques to explore different ideas.

Students will apply print-making techniques to explore issues of power, propaganda and plagiarism in all of its forms. Students will, through popular and social media, explore how power propaganda and plagiarism play out in our society and the effect this has on their generation and the world we live in.

A study of printmaking will lay the platform for understanding how these themes are represented by artists, writers and performers. Students will have multiple opportunities to partake in artists run workshops, talks, visits to galleries and learning outside the classroom. Students will create a portfolio of work which can include artwork, film, photography and various forms of print media that show these ideas in different and innovative ways.

Students will learn to use laser cutting technology, photographic silk screens, and more traditional forms of printmaking.

Areas of Study

  • Power
  • Propaganda
  • Ethics
  • Art making
  • Gallery exhibitions

Modes of Assessment

  • Peer Review
  • A Portfolio of work
  • Project-based learning

Links to the Broader Curriculum

  • IB Theory of Knowledge
  • Visual Arts
  • Ethics and politics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Self Directed, Independent Learning skills