What’s the Problem?

Creative and Critical Thinking in the Arts. A Group B Elective.

Course Description

This course will be taught by Visual Arts staff and collaborate with experts in a range of fields.

This course is aimed at students who are interested in creative thought and action.

Students will work together on identifying an issue or a problem that crosses a creative boundaries and then will develop a creative response to that problem. The students will set their own agenda and direction.

Students will learn the nuts and bolts of project and event management, as the final results of the project will be constructed and exhibited in Concordia gallery as a large scale interactive art exhibition. This includes the organisational, marketing and financial skills needed to manage an event, and the project-management tools required to bring things all together.

Students will engage in critical thinking and develop skills and strategies for thinking outside the box. It is a wonderful way to learn some of the skills of art-making in different ways, including creative and lateral thinking as well as physical, visual, and spatial problem solving. The completion of the project will also engage students in the development of interpersonal skills, different forms of communication and effective strategies for team building and working collaboratively. The course supports the development of skills used by students in the IB Diploma program in their Theory of Knowledge studies.

Students will have multiple opportunities to partake in artist run workshops, artists talks, visits to Sydney galleries and learning beyond the classroom. They will learn about and learn to engage in research to serve their own curiosity as well as the different forms research can take in post school contexts.

Areas of Study

  • What is Art?
  • What is Research?
  • Domains of Knowledge
  • What does Creativity, Critical thinking and Problem solving look like?
  • Material investigation
  • Project Management

Modes of Assessment

  • Peer Review
  • Research Portfolio
  • Exhibition

Links to the Broader Curriculum

  • Visual Arts, Science, Maths, Geography, Design and Technology, English
  • Self Directed, Independent Learning Skills
  • Collaborative, Project Based Learning