Bursaries and Scholarships

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Our Commitment

Newington College is committed to remaining as accessible as possible, encouraging diversity and creating opportunities for boys of character who will make a significant contribution to the life of the College.

Social Justice in Education

With a charter founded on Methodist values, our emphasis is rightly on social justice in education. Our history is rich with stories of boys who required financial assistance to experience a Newington education and went on to make outstanding contributions to society.

Boys who take up this opportunity do so in the same spirit of justice.

  • They understand that such an opportunity brings responsibilities to the College, to their families and to themselves.
  • These recipients share their often considerable talents
  • They encourage other boys to be the best they can be and they demonstrate that, beyond Newington
  • They will contribute positively to society.
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Our Offer

  • A bursary is a means tested scholarship.
  • A scholarship is a tuition fee discount (between 25% and 100%) based on talent and character criteria.

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Our History

If you are interested in the history of Newington’s Bursaries and Scholarships, or you are interested in giving financial support to the social justice mission of the College Council we have a detailed Insite (micro website) of information.

This site explains how the Newington College Endowment Fund is administered to ensure the longevity of our bursaries. It also details the legacy of generous giving that enables this program.

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