Our Criteria

Bursaries and Scholarships have different criteria

  • Bursaries and Scholarships are available each year at the nominated year group.
  • A Bursary (usually 50% to 100%) or Scholarship (range is 25% to 100%) provides a fee discount on tuition costs.
  • All current Newington boys are eligible to apply each year for most of the Bursaries and Scholarships on offer.
  • All short listed candidates for all categories will be interviewed as part of the selection process.

Bursaries reflect our Ethos

The College Bursaries are designed to reflect our Uniting Church ethos: keep Newington as accessible as possible; benefit the boy by adding value and opportunity to his secondary education; and benefit the College by encouraging diversity and attracting boys of potential and character to be part of our community.

Broad assessment criteria for Bursaries and Scholarships

In assessing candidates, weight will be given to the range of achievements demonstrated by the applicant, with reference to:

  • Strong academic ability or potential with good reports that reflect effort and potential and references from their school.  In addition, they will be required to sit the Bursary and Scholarship Selection Test.
  • Character and leadership attributes. Boys will demonstrate sound character traits, a potential to lead and a ready willingness to participate in a variety of educational and school-related activities.
  • Active participation and achievement in co-curricular program e.g. sport, visual arts, drama, music, debating or service learning projects (community service).
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Special Criteria for Bursary Applicants


  • Those candidates who are offered a bursary will be subject to a financial means test. This is to give preference to those boys from a background that would prevent attendance at Newington.

For all Bursaries, families will be required to demonstrate that their present and likely future financial circumstances would not allow them to finance their son’s attendance at Newington.

Families called in for interview will be asked to complete a confidential financial questionnaire.  This would include:

  • Copies of recent taxation returns
  • Statement of assets and liabilities
  • A Statutory Declaration attesting to their financial position and indicating their interests in Trusts, Companies and Partnerships.

A family’s financial status would need to be confirmed annually to ensure that the Bursary continues to be awarded on the basis of financial need.

We must ensure the provision of Bursaries is provided with utmost confidentiality, fairness and sensitivity.  Only the Head of Corporate Services will review the financial data.  No one on the selection panel or teaching staff will have access to this information.

Ongoing Assessment and Review for all

We ask boys and families to work towards meeting their commitments to their Bursary or Scholarship over their life at the College. There is a six monthly review (mid-year, end of year) of all Bursary and Scholarship holders, with boys who are meeting the published criteria retaining their Bursary or Scholarship through to the end of Year 12.



We offer a range of Bursaries and Scholarships for boys of different talents and background.

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