The Philosophy of Good and Evil

Monday 19 October

Speakers include: Dr Ari Lander, Dr Michael Robertson and members of Newington College’s Philosophy and Religious Studies Department

An introduction for Year 11 students

  • What makes people moral heroes?
  • What have philosophers said about ‘the good life’?
  • Are evil people born or made?
  • Are some actions unforgivable?
  • How do religions respond to evil and suffering?
  • What are the social dynamics that lead to dehumanisation and tyranny?

Philosophy is an inspiring discipline and everyday practice that can transform people and societies. This will be a day full of lively debate and discussion – an introduction to some of the big questions in Philosophy and Religion.

WHEN: Monday 19 October 2020, 9.00am – 3.00pm
WHERE: Old Boys Lecture Theatre, Newington College
COST: Free
BOOKINGS: Dr Jeremy Hall