2017 Artist in Residence – Nick Dorey

May 27, 2018

Concordia Gallery’s 2017 resident is Sydney-based sculpture, installation and performance artist Nick Dorey. Dorey was the recipient of the Australian ArtStart Grant and the research fellowship from Sydney College of the Arts in 2014 and the coveted one-year studio residency at Art Space, Sydney, in 2015. Dorey was also curated in Primavera at the Museum of Contemporary Art by Mikala Dwyer and will be showcasing new work at Cementa Biennial Contemporary Arts Festival in Kandos, 2018. Dorey’s practice, predicated on the logic of Alchemic principles, suggests a preoccupation with introspection and the philosophy of science.

Souring discarded materials, native flora and plant matter from across Newington campus, Dorey has been busy turning Concordia into a lab of composition, decomposition and renewal. From there, and throughout the exhibition, year 11 HSC students will be invited to explore alchemic principles within art practice and negotiate their own material sensitivities with the intention of creating a continued transformation, through production and distillation, of the gallery space.

Movement, Animation and Alchemistry

A workshop with Nick Dorey.

In a one-day lab session with artist Nick Dorey, year 11 HSC students were asked to question their understanding of artistic production and to negotiate their way through an assortment of unfamiliar materials to create a collection of animated objects.