Reflective Spaces

May 27, 2018

Officially opened on Tuesday, 8 September, Concordia Gallery hosted Reflective Spaces, an exhibition of the seven Year 12 International Baccalaureate (IB) student’s final works. Over the course of two years each artist developed a theme that was reflective of his own personal interests, cultural background and societal vision. The works included a wide range of media from Photography and Film, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking. Each of the seven reflective spaces told the audience a uniquely crafted story of each individual artist.

IB Visual Arts teacher Ms Marina Hinves was responsible for supporting the boys on their artmaking journey and was grateful for the opportunity to get to work with and know each of the boys. She said, “As a teacher I think that one of the most important things is to see them fly. At the beginning of the IB course many of them don’t know how and where to start. My job is not to make things happen, but to teach them how to do it themselves. This exhibition truly reflects on their ability to fly, and to some extent my ability to show them the way.”

At the exhibition Ms Hinves invited each of the boys to speak about his own personal experience which culminated in the exhibition. Year 12 Felix Shannon said, “We have been able to cast ourselves across multiple canvases, multiple visions, and that’s something this course has really allowed us to do, allowed us to spread our wings and fly.”

The boys all expressed their great gratitude for the support and guidance that they received from the Visual Arts staff at Newington, especially Ms Hinves who encouraged them to learn and grow. Year 12 student Jake Holden said, “Before Year 11 I didn’t actually do VA since Year 8, so coming into the classroom with people who had done it for the past few years I was expecting to be way behind everyone. But the whole class, especially Ms Hinves and all the other boys were extremely supportive…The whole class has helped each other throughout the process and it’s something that’s been incredible.”

Congratulations to Samuel Clark, Jake Holden, Daneal Khurl, James Peppercorn, Felix Shannon, George Squires and Forrest Whitcomb who worked so hard to create unique and meaningful art over the past two years in their IB course. Special thanks to the Visual Arts staff, particularly Ms Hinves for all of her work behind the scenes work.