Thursday, 13 September

Concordia Gallery is pleased to invite you to UNRAVELLING, a Major Exhibition featuring seven individual exhibitions by Year 12 Visual Arts IBDP artists.

Students wrestle with themes that are often hard to handle – personal matters that are close to the heart. Some of the works reference fears and uncertainties that are a big part of growing up. Others question the future and make visual statements about the world being a better place without cultural prejudice or discrimination.

Knowledge of the past is examined from many perspectives. The lives of significant people and personal memories in relation to time have been unraveled. The past itself has been questioned and re-contextualized through visual representation. Making art is about the ‘things that matter’ to discover a path towards becoming better selves.

Come and witness this transformation and the unravelling of the big ideas.

Opening Night: Thursday, 13 September, 6-8 PM
Venue: Concordia Gallery 221-235 Stanmore Road, Stanmore
Opening Times: 11- 3 pm (Excluding: Sunday 16, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September)
Closing: Wednesday, 26 September