A gallery of past exhibitions held at the Concordia Gallery

Mapping Questions

Displeasing the Masses: pop culture and resistance

Hammer and Breath

Resinous Margins - Nick Dorey

Movement, Animation and Alchemy, A Workshop With Nick Dorey

Bundanon Art Camp with Nick Dorey

Lines of Inquiry

Approaching FL350


Anne Zahalka at Back to Newington Day 2013

As the early family album has become a thing of the past and been replaced by a digital one, young people today have little knowledge of its value as photographic record of family and friends , nor the pleasure of looking at archival prints. I want to restore the old photographic album containing old studio and staged portraits so that students develop an appreciation of its importance as a cultural object and as a record of one’s history. I hope they will reflect on the way they appear through the performing and reenacting of these historical studio portraits and see the resemblance and differences that define them and to those of their ancestors.

Now Then Again

Now Then Again was an exhibition of works by students in collaboration with artist Tom Polo, architect Andrew Burns and teacher Andrew Pawley to celebrate Newington College’s 150 year history. This exhibition was curated by Hannah Chapman and opened on Tuesday 5 March 2013.

Year 9 Boys working with Tim Kyle

In the lead up to the Tim Kyle exhibition, Year 9 Visual Arts students completed a number of workshops with the artist. A time-lapse camera was set up in studio and here is a showcase of the boys and the artist at work.

Objects of Learning

Objects of Learning is a showcase of HSB IB Visual Arts, Design and Technology and Industrial Technology final works. This is the first time these two departments have come together to present an exhibition at Concordia Gallery, and the show reflects not only the innovation, dedication and hard work of this year’s cohort, but also themes and concepts that are relevant to youths today. In addition, student works are displayed alongside pieces from some of Australia’s premier contemporary artists – Shaun Gladwell, Julie Rrap, Janet Laurence and Vernon Ah Kee – creating a dialogue between those that are at the peak of their career and those just starting out. Objects of Learning was curated by Hannah Chapman.