Planning for our boarders

Advice for parents and guardians if our boarding house has to close.

Planning for our boarders

While we hope the boarding house will not be impacted, we are nonetheless planning what we would do if a case of coronavirus necessitated the closure of the boarding house or the College.

All boarding parents and guardians should be prepared to collect their son from the boarding house on the day of the closure of either the College and/or the boarding house. The College is currently monitoring the situation carefully and seeking advice from Government agencies. If the boarding house is closed, you will be informed by email and Head of Boaring Mr Nathanael Coull will liaise individually with boarders to ensure all arrangements are secured.

Please have a plan in place for collection. If your son will be staying with a guardian, please ensure they are prepared to collect your son and are in a position to take care of him during the period of closure.

Boarders have been advised of the importance of hygiene and especially the need for increased attention to handwashing and coughing etiquette. Hand sanitisers are available in the meal areas and our housekeepers are increasing the frequency of cleaning.

If you would like further information regarding the Australian and NSW Governments latest health alerts and advice please refer to the Australian Department of Health and NSW Health.

For travel information, please check the Smart Traveller website.

 Finally, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Coull to discuss plans or if you need further clarification.