Early Learning Centre

Early childhood education for 3- and 4-year-old girls and boys at Newington Early Learning Centre offers our College a privileged opportunity: to ignite each child’s curiosity, extend their unique interests and provide a valuable platform to help them build a lifelong love of learning.

Our beautiful, purpose-built centre was designed with early childhood learning experts and incorporates educational play areas, quiet zones and outdoor spaces to excite inquisitive minds. Our Educators encourage unique interests and learning patterns, and provide customised programs for each child strongly influenced by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Their dedication, enthusiasm and genuine love for children creates an environment where every child feels valued and respected.

We are proud to provide a facility that is both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to best practice teaching and learning for young minds.

I welcome you and your family to our Early Learning Centre and look forward to following your child’s progress throughout their early years.

Sandra Gray
Head of Early Years


Our inquiry-based curriculum embraces intentional teaching, spontaneous learning and critical reflection. We aim to ignite children’s curiosity and extend on a child’s unique and genuine interests.

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We respect our learning environment as an additional teacher where children are encouraged to access resources purposefully and independently.

We believe in maintaining a calm and clutter free environment where children’s thoughts, investigations and voices are honoured and respected. We value play, family, community, ancestry, flora and fauna as important parts of learning.

We aim to continually question our practices to ensure we are making responsible decisions for our environment. We foster children’s sense of agency to make a long-term difference in our community towards a sustainable future. We value the richness of learning that occurs both indoors and outdoors and the flexible use of both environments.

Individuality and Inclusion

Each child’s personality and uniqueness is fostered and celebrated at our Early Learning Centre. We want our children to grow up believing in themselves and their capabilities and feel they belong unconditionally. We aim to support and build upon each child’s holistic growth and support them in a sensitive and responsive way which dignifies their family’s culture, circumstances, needs and abilities.

Our Educators

Our Educators are reflective and responsive thinkers and planners. They allow themselves time to listen and observe children so that their intentions are genuine and meaningful. We believe explicit and child-led teaching have great significance when applied thoughtfully to compliment the social context and the uniqueness of each child.

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Partnerships with Families

We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming ELC that respects the diversity of all cultures represented in our families, Educators and community. We appreciate the knowledge our families share about their children and use this knowledge to enhance our program continuously. We seek family input and feedback on many aspects of our service and value your support.


We aim to honour our commitment to delivering a service which meets the needs of our community and provides innovative, best practice teaching, resources and environment. We believe it is important for children to develop an understanding of their world beyond their home and the ELC and to experience the beauty and worth of our neighbourhood.

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