A Bequest to the Newington College Foundation is a substantial and lasting way of contributing to the future of the College and can be made in a variety of ways to reflect a person’s particular wishes.

Bequests can also be directed to a specific area of the College’s operation such as an individual Scholarship or the ongoing Building program.

A Bequest is a gift that can be either named or anonymous. It is an instruction contained within a Will and specifically reserves part of an Estate for a particular beneficiary.

A Bequest can be:

  • Nominated sum of money
  • Percentage or residual of an Estate
  • Assets such as real estate, shares, bonds or other personal property

Bequests are usually directed to the Foundation for use at its discretion. Unencumbered gifts allow the Foundation to utilise donations in areas of particular need. Such gifts provide the Foundation with the flexibility to direct funds to projects which the College Council and the Headmaster feel are in most need of assistance.

Leave a Legacy

A Bequest is an opportunity for every member of the Newington Community to make a tangible and lasting gift to the College. It shows you have reached out to leave a legacy that will endure long after your lifetime and remains a very special way of securing the future.

Benefits of a Bequest

  • Opportunity to honour a loved one or decide how you will be remembered
  • Provide a legacy to serve as inspiration for others
  • Change lives for generations to come – education changes lives
  • Assets remain in your control during your lifetime
  • No effect on your cash reserves for retirement
  • Your Bequest can be easily modified at any time as circumstances change
  • Invitation to join the Founders Society

How do I leave a Bequest?

Detailed information on leaving a Bequest to Newington College Foundation is available by downloading our Wills and Bequest Booklet.

Should you decide to leave a Bequest to the Foundation, James Jordan (ON 1981) of Jordan Djundja Lawyers is offering to update your Will for free. If you would like to take up this offer, James can be contacted here.

Founders Society

On 18 May 2010, the Newington College Foundation with the support of the College Council and the Headmaster, launched the Founders Society. The picture of Newington’s founder, Rev John Manton was chosen as the symbol for the Society.

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Leave a Bequest

Please note: This document is not intended to give legal advice but rather to assist you to make an informed decision about your affairs. We recommend that you engage professional legal advice when drawing up your Will.

If you would like to discuss, in complete confidence, leaving a Bequest to the College Foundation, you are welcome to contact the Community and Development department.

(02) 9568 95455