Building Funds

Voluntary Building Fund Donations - Drama Centre - Michael Morgan Rowing Centre - Old Boys Lecture Theatre Seats - Chapel Pews - Library Fund

All Building Fund Gifts are 100% tax deductible.

Gifts to the Building Fund enhance education by enabling the construction of purpose built facilities that help us provide opportunities for Newington Boys to Discover what’s possible.

Without the support of Benefactors, many of the facilities we enjoy today would not have been built.

Facilities that were made possible by the generosity of the Newington Community:

  • Johnson Oval
  • Glasson Pavilion
  • Boatshed
  • Stuart Spence Memorial Gymnasium
  • Dixon Gates
  • Millner Gates
  • Memorial Drive
  • Le Couteur Centre (as Wyvern House in 1939)
  • Centenary Hall

Sesquicentenary Capital Campaign

In more recent times, the successful Sesquicentenary Capital Campaign provided significant funds for the construction of the Rae and Pyke Centres. The new Drama Centre and Tupou College (Year 7) Centre were officially opened by His Majesty King Tupou VI of Tonga on 18 July 2016.


Support a Building Fund

  • Voluntary Building Fund
  • Drama Centre
  • Michael Morgan Rowing Centre
  • Old Boys Lecture Theatre Seats
  • Chapel Pews

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Library Fund

Libraries are expensive to maintain and we are fortunate to have a small group of donors – Old Boys and parents alike – who support our Library with generous donations.

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To find out more about making a Gift or to find out more information please contact the Office of Community and Development:
(02) 9568 9338

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A History of Generosity

Throughout its history, Newington College, through careful funds management and the support of Benefactors, has not had to borrow to build. We spend the fees paid by parents and grants from the government directly on providing the best education for our students. We therefore rely on the generosity of the Newington Community and the management of donated funds to build and maintain the facilities for our boys. Your donation to the Building Fund will enable us to continue to provide these facilities for future generations of Newingtonians.