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The Newington College Library is located in the A J Rae Centre and was one of the major outcomes of the College’s Sesquicentenary Capital Campaign.

History of the Newington Library

The College Library has had various homes over the years – Prescott Hall, Resources Centre, Le Couteur Centre – but now has a purpose built and permanent location in the A J Rae Centre.

The College is fortunate to have a dedicated group of Library staff that serve the College with distinction and enable students to realise the full potential of the Library’s resources.

Despite the internet and availability of online resources, libraries still play a vital role in making reliable information accessible and relevant in real time.

Libraries are very expensive to maintain and we are fortunate to have a small group of donors – Old Boys and parents alike – who support our Library with generous donations.

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All donations to the Library & Archives are 100% tax deductible. Donations are used to purchase resources for the Library and to help maintain the College’s archives from the very first day the College opened its doors on 16 July 1863.

About Newington Archives

If not for the determined actions of a small band of dedicated volunteers headed by Rev Dr Peter Swain, the Newington College Archives, as we know them today, would not exist.

Rev Peter Swain was appointed as the College Chaplain in 1970. When he arrived at Newington, he found that what remained of the archival materials gathered for the 1963 Centenary celebrations were being kept in a tea chest in the stationery cupboard in the staffroom.

Peter took a great interest in the history of the College and in the importance of archives as the raw material for chronicling that history. Within a few years of his arrival, he was collating the existing archival materials and regularly seeking additional materials, particularly from former students, to add to the collection. It is due to Peter’s efforts, more than anything else, that the College now has such a rich collection of archival materials.

During those years, the Archives moved from home to home as available space was found, but it was only with the approach of the College’s Sesquicentenary in 2013 that consideration was given to what was needed to ensure the preservation of the collection or to promote the College community’s engagement with it. These issues were solved in 2011 when the Archives moved to its two new homes.

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The Archives Repository in the Concordia Centre provides the storage conditions needed to help ensure the archives’ long-term physical survival, along with adequate room for the collection’s growth.

The Chaplain Peter Swain Archives Exhibition Room in Founders Building – named to honour Peter’s role in building, preserving and promoting the College’s archives over a period of 40 years – enables the entire Newington community to engage with the College’s past through its Archives collection. It also provides access to a growing range of technology-based resources.

One of our current projects is the digitisation of all issues of The Newingtonian from 1884 to date. These can be viewed as they are progressively uploaded to our Archives Page.

Do you have Newington Memorabilia?

If you have items you would like to donate to our Archives, photos which we can scan and return to you or would like to arrange a visit, please contact the College Archivist Mr David Roberts.

Thank you

Whilst much of the Archives collection is comprised of College records, we are also very reliant on the support of the Newington Community to continue to donate items of historical significance or simply personal Newington memorabilia, so that our collection can continue to grow.

Please contact the College Archivist Mr David Roberts.

(02) 9568 9433

If you would like to make a donation to support our Archives then please Donate Here

We are also blessed to have a number of our community members financially support the operations of the Archives for which we are most grateful. All donations to our Archives are through the Library Fund and are 100% tax deductible.

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