Chris Wild (ON 1991) Indigenous Scholarship

The Chris Wild (ON 1991) Indigenous Scholarship

Chris Wild's Legacy

The Chris Wild (ON 1991) Indigenous Scholarship was established in 2012 by the family and friends of Chris Wild (ON 1991) following his tragic passing in 2011.

Chris Wild was a teacher by profession and enjoyed working with Indigenous children in his spare time. To honour his life and his passion for Indigenous education, the Wild family, their friends and a number of generous Old Boys established the Chris Wild (ON 1991) Indigenous Scholarship in his memory.

Newington College sincerely thanks these generous Old Boys for their ongoing support of the vision of the Wild Family and to successfully establish our Indigenous Program in this way.

Supporting Young Indigenous Australians

The first of these six year Scholarships was awarded in 2014, the second in 2016, the third in 2019 and the fourth in 2020. When fully funded, the Chris Wild (ON 1991) Indigenous Scholarship will be awarded to a worthy and deserving young man who is an indigenous Australian and is eligible to enter as a Year 7 day boy.


What the Scholarship covers

  • All tuition fees at Newington College from Year 7–12
  • Charges associated with compulsory College excursions and tours
  • Higher School Certificate or International Baccalaureate Diploma charges
  • Cost of textbooks and uniforms

2018 Newington Medallist - Rob Wild (ON 1965) 1947 - 2019

In 2018 Rob Wild was named the Newington Medallist and Rob was so inspired that only weeks before his passing, with both delight and determination he stood and spoke to the boys as part of the Newington Medallist Assembly and gave his inspiration clear voice. He spoke passionately about the Wild Indigenous Scholarship…

“This [Scholarship] is not charity. Far from it. It is much more an opportunity – one that cuts two ways – an educational opportunity for indigenous boys but also and importantly, an educational opportunity for non-indigenous boys and families to learn and understand more about the oldest living community on this planet and to show them the respect that they so fully deserve. Changing lives!”  

You can read Rob’s full speech HERE

Wyvern Cards

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Minimum contribution $22 incuding GST

All proceeds to the Chris Wild (ON 1991) Indigenous Scholarship

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A word about the importance of Indigenous education

As Indigenous Old Boy Joe Hedger (ON 1994) of the Baryulgil people, and proudly Co-Patron of the Wild Scholarship, has said…

“The power of education in transforming the lives of Aboriginal people should never be underestimated. Empowering an Aboriginal student, through education, is empowering them for life……Through the Chris Wild Indigenous [Scholarship], we have a real opportunity to change young Aboriginal peoples’ lives for the better. By supporting this wonderful initiative, we can create a better future for young Aboriginal people – it can become material, it can become tangible, and it will, one day, become a reality for Aboriginal people of this country.”


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