Setup your Device

Setting up your device is as easy as 1-2-3.

How to set up your device

For further information or inquiries, email Nikki Stevens at or call the ICT Service Desk on (02) 9568 9568.

Things that you need to know:

  • Each student will be given their own College email address which starts with their Newington Student ID for example ‘’
  • Email address and password details will be advised to parents mid-November
  • Each student using a personal iPad will need their own Apple ID linked to their College email address. Students using college-owned iPads will be provided with a School Apple ID. (If the student has an existing Apple ID, it can be linked to their College email in preference to creating a new ID)
  • Apps (for iPads) and most software (for laptops) will be provided by the College
  • ICT Service Desk will be able to assist if you are having difficulties with setup

Setting up your BYO Device

Setting up your Mac or Windows Device. To access our Windows Setup Guide, click here.