What your son needs

Newington operate on a 1:1 iPad Program from Kindergarten through to Year 8 where boys are issued with a Newington owned iPad. Students moving in to Year 9 to Year 12 operate on a bring your own device program (BYOD).

Kindergarten - Year 5 and Year 8

Students in K – 8 will be provided with Newington-owned iPads. This device will be managed by Newington ICT and your son will be provided with a special school Apple ID managed the Apple School Manager Program. Students will be issued with their iPad during the first days of Term 1. iPads are issued with an STM Dux Case which must remain on the iPad at all times.

Damage and Insurance

For further information or inquiries call the ICT Service Desk on (02) 9568 9568.

Newington expect students to maintain, care for and protecting their iPad at all times. Where accidental damage occurs (either at school or outside of school), families will contribute the cost of the insurance with an ‘excess’ payment. Information can be found in SPACES

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Year 9-12, 2018

Boys entering Years 9-12 in 2018 require a lightweight Windows device or Mac laptop.

The device must:

  • Weigh less than 2.0kg
  • Have a powerful processor (e.g. Intel i5) and at least 4GB RAM (8GB is better)
  • Be less than 3 years old
  • Be running one of the latest 2 versions of the Windows or Mac operating systems. At the time of writing that’s Windows 8.1 or 10 and Apple OSX 10.11 (el Capitan) or 10.12 (Sierra).
  • Be in good working order
  • Have at least 128GB storage (recommended 256GB+)
  • Be purchased with accidental damage / theft insurance.

We recommend the device should:

  • Have an extended warranty (not available in retail stores, available at our BYOD Portal.
  • Be purchased with accidental damage / theft insurance.
  • Be stored in a hard ‘clamshell’ case (eg STM Dux) and/or a padded sleeve (for carrying within a schoolbag.

Your laptop should not:

  • Be running a version of Windows older than Windows 8
  • Be a tablet without a full hardware keyboard
  • Be a heavy ‘gaming’ laptop unable to genuinely operate for less than 4 hours on a single charge

Important Note: The average general life expectancy for any device is 3 years, therefore most insurance companies will not insure your device longer than this time. It is expected that as Year 12 approaches, you should be considering replacement of the current laptop and backing up data on a regular basis.

Also please note:

  • If your device becomes faulty or damaged and is covered under a valid warranty or insurance policy, Newington will facilitate the repair or replacement of that device and provide you with a loan laptop free of charge. If your device is not covered under a valid warranty or insurance Policy, you only have the option to rent a laptop from ICT charged at a weekly rate.

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Buying a laptop (Year 9-12, 2018)

To ease you in sourcing your laptop and all of the required specifications, accessories and protection policies, you can purchase a device custom built to the Newington specifications online at the Newington JB-HIFI Portal by entering Newington2018 to access the portal.

If you wish to purchase your device through a retailer of your own choice, please ensure that you purchase the below specifications.

For 2017 the College recommends one of the following:

MacBook Air 13” (Custom built)

  • 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD with 3-year AppleCare Protection Plan (warranty).
  • This recommended specification is a custom-build and cannot be purchased in store but is available online at the JB-HIFI BYOD Portal.
  • We also recommend purchasing a second charger so that one can be left at home and one can be left in your son’s school locker clearly labelled with his name.
  • Newington College currently has a working relationship with Apple Broadway Business Centre based in Broadway Shopping Centre who offer a full Newington Specification device with an extended warranty. You will be required to seek a separate insurance policy.

Windows Device (Custom built)

  • 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and 13″ Screen with 3-year ‘onsite’ Warranty.
  • Take a look at the JB-HI BYOD Portal for available Windows devices custom built to the Newington Specification.
  • We also recommend purchasing a second charger so that one can be left at home and one can be left in your son’s school locker clearly labelled with his name.

Please note that most retail stores do not offer an extended warranty.

We also do not recommend the Macbook Pro Retina as a school device due to its cost.

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Damage and Insurance (Year 9-12, 2018)

For further information or inquiries call the ICT Service Desk on (02) 9568 9568.

Please note that Newington College strongly recommends that you protect your device against theft and accidental damage by purchasing an insurance policy. You can purchase a policy via the new BYOD portal by JB-HIFI.

Alternatively, you can add the device to your current house & contents insurance policy or Insurance can be purchased independently. We currently have a working relationship with the following insurance providers, or you may wish to choose an alternative provider.

Any damaged or faulty devices that do not have a current insurance policy will not be handled by the college however you may opt to rent a device whilst you are seeking repair or replacement.

Apple Warranty
The Warranty Group House &
Contents Insurance
Time Period 1 Year 2, 3 or 4 years Check your existing policy
What is Covered Manufacturing faults Accidental damage and theft  
Cost Included with purchase Approx. $264
for 3 years
Excess none $100  
How to Claim Newington ICT
can assist
Newington ICT
can assist
Contact Insurer