A student publication documenting festival highlights.

Postscript 2017 Team

To document the Literature Festival, a team of student reporters and photographers create three daily publications to document the highlights of the event.

Mentored by freelance reporter, Jack Lynch, and English Teacher, Dr Billy Stephenson, the Postscript team will work hard to meet deadlines, write reviews, interview authors, and photograph the highlights of each day to get their work published and distributed to attendees of the festival.

This year’s Postscript Team includes:

  • Jack Alscher (Year 11)
  • Adi Apana (Year 7)
  • Clancy Barrett (Year 10)
  • Luke Canter (Year 7)
  • Isaac Carriline (Year 10)
  • James Douglas (Year 10)
  • Tom Barker (Year 11)
  • Joel Goh (Year 7)
  • Anton Lising (Year 7)
  • Tom Marchese (Year 10)
  • Luke Mesterovic (Year 9)
  • Tom Osborne (Year 7)
  • William Sun (Year 7)

These publications will be published daily and copies will be available to be picked up from the Library.