Basketball Tour of the USA

April 13, 2017

Newington Basketball toured Texas and Los Angeles from 27 December 2016 to 16 January 2017. With a total of 11 games played in Texas, the boys caught a glimpse of the level of play of Basketball at American High Schools through taking part in tournaments and one-off high school games.

The boys witnessed the impressive speed of the American athletes and the lack of a shot clock which taught our boys the importance of ball retention/possession. With practices and visits to numerous college campuses the boys were also able to see the pathways that previous students have taken in our sport.

Off the court the boys went on educational activities such as a visit to the Fort Worth stock yards, a tour of the Cowboys (NFL) stadium, a visit to JFK Memorial and the Missouri Aircraft carrier and a tour of the Texas Capital building, Alamo and NASA. On the “fun” side the boys went to three fun parks (6 flags, Disneyland and Universal Studios) and attended two NBA games and three college contests.

The boys’ behaviour was exemplary and the tour gave them great exposure to the USA High School basketball circuit and first-hand knowledge of American culture. The memories of this tour will remain with the group for a lifetime.

Mr Rex Nottage
Director of Basketball