STEM Festival 2018

2018 Festival

Science| Technology | Engineering | Mathematics

Wednesday, 2 May – Friday, 4 May


For three days this May, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects will veer off the well-worn curriculum into areas that are, well, a little less traditional.

A magician will show our boys how to spot a scam, hoax or ‘science’ that doesn’t quite add up. They’ll learn about robotics and artificial intelligence, start-ups and software development in the real world. There will be challenges involving mousetrap-powered vehicles and insights into what a job in engineering really involves.

It’s all part of Newington College’s biennial STEM Festival, which will run from Wednesday, 2 May to Friday, 4 May 2018.

It’s not just our boys who’ll take a step outside the box – we want parents to gets hands-on during the 2018 Festival. For the first time, we’re introducing Periods 8 and 9, a chance for mums, dads and carers to go back to school to experience STEM subjects like never before.

The Festival is designed to excite interest in STEM subjects at Newington and in the wider community. It offers experiences outside the day-to-day curriculum. 

Past presenters have come from UNSW, USYD, MQ, the CSIRO, the Australian Astronomical Observatory, The Australian Museum, Questacon, The Australian Maritime Museum, Westmead Hospital, and ANSTO, and have shared knowledge about product design, milling, engineering, reptiles, insects, electrical circuit building, astronomy, forensic studies, chemical reactions and more. 

Many past presenters are members of the Newington community, parents of current students and Newington Old Boys. 

The STEM Festival is sponsored by the Newington College Parents and Friends Association. Their financial support allows every festival to be bigger and better, and we thank them for their continued backing. 

David McNaughton