STEM Festival 2018

2018 Festival

Science| Technology | Engineering | Mathematics

Wednesday, 2 May – Friday, 4 May


This year Newington College will hold its fifth biennial Science and Technology Festival, STEM, expanded to include four fields: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in 2014.

The Festival aims to promote interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics both within the college and the wider community through providing experiences that go beyond the day-to-day curriculum. STEM is a great way to motivate students who may take an interest in tertiary studies in the diverse fields and applications of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The Festival will see boys in Years 7-12 and Year 6 from Wyvern benefit from a range of guest presenters from institutions and organisations. They will partake in hands-on workshops involving activities and specialisations.

Many of the presenters are members of the Newington community, parents of current students and Newington Old Boys. We welcome everyone from the community to visit and participate in any of the presentations.