Welcome to Newington

Dear Parents and Guardians,

2018 marks the start of an immensely special journey. Secondary school will provide a host of new experiences that will challenge your sons and help them develop into balanced young men ready to make a positive contribution to our society. However, they cannot do it on their own! It is vital from the outset that both parents and staff form a strong partnership to nurture and support our boys as they grow into men.

This Insite provides all the answers to the myriad of questions that will arise in the months ahead.

Begin your journey by meeting the Heads of Year 7 and the Year 7 Mentors, who will play an integral role in your boy’s transition.

Mr David Roberts
Head of Stanmore / Deputy Headmaster

Year 7 2018 Parent Information Evening

Please click here to view presentation slides from the 20 November 2017 meeting.