Before you make your co-curricular choices

The Co-curricular program forms valuable bonds between the boys at Newington that grow in the classroom and through their many shared experiences

Your co-curricular commitments

Dear Parents,

We look forward to welcoming your sons into the Senior School of Newington College.

As you will be aware, Newington College has a very full and demanding co-curricular program. The valuable bonds that form between the boys at Newington grow in the classroom and also through the many shared experiences in the co-curricular program. The College works very hard to ensure that your son will be exposed to quality coaching and instruction across the broad range programs that are available.

To assist you with your planning I would ask that you consider all the activities that your son currently participates in and how they will be managed when you factor the extra demands that Newington places on its students. For many the additional travel and longer days can be very challenging and the academic program must at all times be a priority. There will no doubt also be times when conversations about the number of activities your son commits to within the School will need to be discussed with your son’s Mentor or Head of House.

It is important to understand the College’s expectations prior to making your final commitment to Newington and what will be the next very busy six years of secondary education.

Therefore, when considering enrolling your son in programs outside of the College the following should be noted:

Every boy is required to prioritise his commitment to Newington College sport and his Newington teams above all other external commitments. Where there is a clash the Newington commitment must take priority.

Before you submit your son’s sport choices you will be asked to confirm that you have read this information and accept these terms.

Mr David Roberts
Head of Stanmore / Deputy Headmaster

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