Learning an Instrument

Learn more about the Newington College instrument tuition program.

Learning an Instrument

For more information please contact Mr Stewart McCarroll at smccarroll@newington.nsw.edu.au

About private tuition

Music lessons are presented in four blocks of one term each (normally eight lessons per term). Lessons are either 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an 1 hour in length. Advanced senior boys have 1 hour lessons.

Commitment to tuition

It is expected that boys will enrol for tuition for a minimum of one year. If a boy decides to withdraw from lessons, notice must be given via email to the Head of Strings or the Director of Bands and the tutor from the parent before the end of term. Failure to do this will result in a term’s fees being payable.


Private Music tuition is a serious commitment and requires the student to practise regularly in order to consolidate concepts presented to him by his teacher.

About the teachers

Instrumental staff at Newington are highly experienced professionals in their fields. The Music Department is able to cater for the learning needs, styles and interests of all our students.

Lesson times

Lessons run for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Senior students may be given times in free periods. Other than this, students must adhere to the rotational timetable provided by their tutor.


All boys learning at Newington must participate in one of the school’s ensembles upon their standard being deemed appropriate.

Lesson absence/cancellation

Instrumental teachers need 24 hours notice for any lesson cancellations. Failure to notify tutors will result in the lesson charged at the normal rate. In the event of a teacher not being able to make a lesson, they will endeavour to make up the lesson or will credit the lesson on the next account.

Instrument hire

While we do recommend that students own their own instruments, a limited number are available for hire from the Music Department. Please note that we do not hire out guitars. If you require a hire instrument please contact Head of Strings or the Director of Bands. Hire costs are $100 per term which will be charged to the College account.

Fees structure

In 2018, fees were set at $48 (excl GST) per half hour lesson. Fees are determined by the Music Teachers Association. This fee is required to be paid at the start of each term. Teachers will send invoices to parents in the first week of each term and are due within 7 days.


Students must complete the Learning an Instrument Form at the beginning of their tuition and then re-enrol at the beginning of each year. Lessons will not commence unless this form is completed. An electronic version of this form can be found below.

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