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Insites are a series of Newington microsites dedicated to engaging the College community about information and events across our three campuses in Stanmore and Lindfield. These microsites offer the College an easy and immediate manner in which to connect with parents about important issues happening at Newington. From Learning with Technology and the College’s Centre for Ethics, to an online version of the College’s Strategic Plan, Newington Insites are regularly expanding to keep up with the vibrant pace and buzz of activity of the College.

Centre for Ethics 2016
The Centre for Ethics 2016 at Newington College is a forum for students, teachers, parents and the wider community, to engage in discussion of contemporary moral issues, beliefs and values.
Service Learning at Newington
A Newington education does not come with a sense of entitlement. We expect all Newington boys to know when to serve, step up, and speak out for others.
Sport is an important part of the development and wellbeing of adolescent boys, and is a compulsory activity for all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 at Newington College.
Boarding has been at the heart of Newington College since the beginning. Newington boarders benefit from close access to all of the College’s state-of-the-art facilities, with the extra support of the Boarding family.
Language Tours and Exchange
Newington offers the opportunity for boys to live and study abroad and be immersed in another culture. It also gives families the chance to host exchange students from international schools.
Learning with Technology
Technology plays an important role in the way we teach boys at Newington College. With a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program in place, we hope to enrich the classroom experience by providing boys with more interactive and participatory ways of learning.
Concordia Gallery
Concordia Gallery is located on Stanmore Road opposite Newington College and is both a teaching and learning facilities as well as a professional gallery space for the College and community. Each year, Concordia Gallery hosts a number of cutting edge exhibitions, masterclasses and workshops.
Foundation and Fundraising
This Foundation insite has information about all the fundraising activities undertaken by the College.
Academic Guide: My Course, My Future
To ensure the interests of all students are catered for, be they academic, creative, sporting, technical or otherwise, the College dedicates considerable resources to offering a wide range of courses. Find out about the subjects offered at Newington College from Years 7 to 12 here.
Strategic Plan 2015-2018
The Strategic Plan for 2015 -2018 called ‘Discover what’s possible’, builds upon the firm beliefs developed by the pioneers of the College and fits within the long-term Integrated strategic plan developed by the College Council. This is our vision and values statement with goals set out for each year.
Mulling it Over
Dr David Mulford, Headmaster of Newington College, is a passionate educator committed to the education of boys. This Insite, ‘Mulling it Over’, offer some of Dr Mulford’s unique thoughts and insights on topical social and cultural issues. Get to know our Headmaster here on this Insite.
Getting to Newington is easy! But don’t just take our word for it – visit this Insite for detailed information about both public and private transport options available to out students across all three campuses.
Scholarships and Bursaries
This Insite provides comprehensive information about each of the different scholarships and bursaries offered by the College, including information regarding application dates and deadlines. PLEASE NOTE APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.
Design and Technology
Our Design Technology Insite showcases some of the programs and opportunities available to boys wanting to study this subject. The D&T department is well-known for having specialist facilities to allow boys to experiment and craft their ideas, as well as great teacher student mentoring to ensure that boys are given the opportunity to take their ideas beyond the classroom.
150th Anniversary
In 2013, Newington College celebrated it’s 150th Anniversary. With a line up of events throughout the year’s calendar which included a Sesquicentenary Founders Day Concert and visit from former NSW Governor Marie Bashir, you can find out more about how we celebrated in this Insite.
Literature Festival 2015
In May 2015 Newington College is embarking on its 7th Biennial Literature Festival. It’s aim is to encourage young people to take part in the adventure of books and reading.