Elective Courses

Elective Courses Year 9-10

Subject Selection

Students will complete three electives in Year 9 and 10 – two from Group A and one from Group B.

Group B Electives

Students will select ONE elective from Group B

These new electives are only one year courses and all linked to the content and skills in Year 11 and Year 12.

Boys will be given an opportunity in 2020 to select a new elective for Year 10 2021.

Please Note:

It is important to note that classes will only be formed if viable numbers exist, and in some cases class numbers will be capped due to access to specialist facilities.

As a result there is no guarantee that all subjects listed will be offered in Year 9 2020. Whilst every attempt is made to satisfy as many of the boys’ choices as possible, certain subject combinations may not be possible.