2019 Program

Centre for Ethics: Events Program 2019

Ethical issues arise in every walk of life – business, medicine, politics and the media. This is something that is increasingly recognised by universities and professional organisations and is very much an inter-disciplinary concern. Over 10 years, The Newington College Centre for Ethics has become an important part of Newington’s Co-curricular program, attracting large audiences and acquiring a strong local following. During this time we have been fortunate to hear from some outstanding public speakers from Australia and overseas, and 2019 continues this tradition. The challenges of artificial intelligence; the changing face of the media; values education in a postmodern world; the psychology of tyranny; social justice and human rights: these are just some of the issues on the agenda for this year.

In July, I look forward to welcoming Dr Stephen Law as our philosopher-in-residence. An engaging speaker, Stephen is an influential philosopher and social commentator. He has written some important and provocative books on philosophy and values education and will, no doubt, stimulate some interesting discussion about critical thinking and the broader curriculum.

There is much to look forward to this year. I hope you will find something in this program to spark your interest: you will be very welcome at any of our events.

Dr Jeremy Hall 
Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies


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Key Philosopher-in-residence events

Student Philosophy Conference – Monday 29 July, 9.30am – 3pm

Teachers’ Event: Teaching Critical Thinking – Wednesday 31 July, 9.30am – 3pm

Public Lecture: The War for Children’s Minds – Wednesday 31 July, 6.30pm