Centre for Ethics: Events Program 2018

I am delighted to introduce Newington College Centre for Ethics 2018. Now approaching its first decade, the Centre for Ethics has become an important part of the College’s broader educational program, joining students, teachers, parents and the wider community in discussion of topical issues.

Our speakers this year need little introduction, all of them prominent Australians and important social commentators, committed to shaping the future of their country. The challenges of digital technology; the importance of journalism in a ‘post-truth’ world; social justice and the future of Australia; the philosophy of happiness – these are just some of the issues we will be discussing this year.

A new initiative is the Religion and Ethics Day, which will be held on Friday, 13 April. The morning session will be an inter-faith panel, chaired by veteran ABC broadcaster John Cleary. Representatives of religious traditions will share their views on personal, social and global issues. In the afternoon, our guests will be Professor Peter Singer, Australia’s best-known philosopher, and The Reverend Dr Gordon Preece, who leads the Centre for Christianity and Society in Melbourne. The afternoon debate is in response to the controversial decision of the Victoria State Parliament: ‘Victoria’s legalisation of voluntary assisted dying sets an example that other Australian states would do well to follow.’ We are expecting large audiences at these events so book early via Try Bookings.

There is much to look forward to this year; I do hope you will join the discussion.

Dr Jeremy Hall

Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies


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