Artist’s Proof

Thursday 16 June

Artist’s Proof presents exhibition of artworks by Year 9 and 10 Visual Arts, Photographic Digital Media Elective B, 3P’s and Elective History students, produced in collaboration with professional artists who have recently undertaken residencies at Concordia Gallery.

The Artist in Residency program at Newington College is a pioneering, project-based learning experience. Students work with practicing artists to gain skills, engage creatively and critically with ideas and deepen their knowledge and position on important issues in the world. The residency is founded on the proposition that the Visual Arts syllabus, and in particular the Conceptual Framework, isn’t just a theory to interpret the art world, but that it can be put into practice by students when they engage with a real artist to make real artwork for a real audience.

Residency artists are selected for the clarity of their practice, the different perspectives that they bring to their work, and the ways in which their critical thinking can be a starting point for engagement – whether their practice is developing or established, wide-ranging or focused, local or global, and regardless of medium.

The artists who have worked with the students exhibiting in Artist’s Proof are Deborah Kelly, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Garry Trinh, and Angus Fisher.

Image: Finn McGuire, QVB, 2022

Opening Night: Thursday 16 June 5pm – 7pm
Venue: Concordia Gallery (221-235 Stanmore Road, Stanmore)
Opening Times: 17 June – 26 July
9am – 3pm, Tuesday – Friday