Thursday 25 March

Sustema (with, set up)

The word system comes from two Greek words, sun meaning with and histanai meaning set up. Students have been engaging in a system of observing, processing and reflecting to create artworks. This new approach to artmaking began in early February at Q Station on art camp and has been sustained in class and in conversation with 2021 New Women artist-in-residence Bonita Ely.

Bonita Ely lives in Sydney and has been Senior Lecturer and Head of sculpture, performance and installation studies at UNSW Art & Design since 1991. Ely has been a leader in environmental art since the 1970s, exhibiting nationally and internationally since 1972. Her work has been selected for many surveys of contemporary Australian art and most recently was part of renowned Documenta 14 in Kassel and Athens.

We are proud to present the artworks of Year 11 Visual Arts in the HSC preliminary and International Baccalaureate students who have begun to recognise and employ their own artistic system to create art, alongside the work of Bonita Ely.

Opening Night: Thursday 25 March 5 – 7pm
Venue: Concordia Gallery (221-235 Stanmore Road, Stanmore)
Opening Times: 9AM – 3PM Tuesday – Friday
Closing: 31 March