Preparing for the long weekend

Boarders need to take additional steps over our Newington long weekend

Preparing for the long weekend

Our long-planned long weekend will mean the boarding house will close on Saturday 4 March and re-open on Monday 16 March at 3pm.

While there are currently no cases of coronavirus at Newington College, we will take the opportunity to complete a thorough clean of the boarding house and facilities, including a wiping down of all surfaces.

Boarders have been asked to take any clothing they may need for a longer stay at home or at their guardians as they depart for the long weekend. Senior boys were also advised to take all their books and notes with them on the weekend.

We remind you to please keep your child home from school if they are unwell. If they have a fever, runny nose, sore throat and/or cough they must stay home and follow medical advice. Please call the Health Centre on Monday and speak with Sister on 9568 9426 to discuss any symptoms if you require clarification.

We have recommended that the boarders avoid overseas travel during the holidays in order to circumvent the potential of having to self-isolate on their return. Please contact Nathanael Coull, Head of Boarding, if you wish to discuss alternative arrangements during the holidays.

A reminder that the College has established a dedicated SPACES page to keep families up to date with developments and advice regarding Coronavirus.