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Welcome to the Headmaster’s blog. Here you can read a range of the Headmaster’s articles and addresses to the college.

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"We, as teachers, must 'know the boy' while we create learning that is purposeful, imaginative and enjoyable"

- Dr David Mulford

Risk Taking in Education

Pendulums are a well-known educational phenomenon. In some cases it is much needed whilst in others the pendulum swing can be too big and hence detrimental to good educational outcomes. One current pendulum swing is around the theme of risk…

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Prize Giving Address - December 2017

What a year! In the prize giving program, I use a quote attributed to Muhammad Ali or Robert Service. “It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out, it’s the pebble in your shoe”.

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Finding a Balance in Sport

Over the years, Newington has forged many excellent partnerships with sporting organisations. They have proven to be beneficial in so many ways. However, my concern is that there is a growing specialisation of all sports at younger and younger ages.

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Official Opening of the Tupou College Centre

I acknowledge it is wonderful to have the King of Tonga at Newington. Your father remains one of our famous Old Boys. More importantly, the presence of you, the Queen and the Princess highlights the very special links with Tonga that had at its origin our founding Headmaster Rev Dr James Egan Moulton. We are so blessed with a long and exceptionally close bond with the Kingdom of Tonga and its people.

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As a College we have five main partnerships. These are with the boys, parents, teachers, Old Boys and community, (local, national and international).

Other partnerships include fellow AAGPS schools, independent schools, schools from all sectors, universities and vocational colleges, workplaces and selected charities linked to our extensive social justice programs.

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Newington and Diversity

One reason why Newington is special is our diversity – we are so multi-cultural and multi-faith and we foster difference through our unity of purpose. The Australian of the Year announced on Monday was Lieutenant General David Morrison – Chair of the Diversity Council Australia.

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Prize Giving Address December 2015

I read on a t-shirt when I recently attended the IB conference for heads the following statement;

“The most important things in life are not about things”.

I became a grandfather this year for the first time. Now that really focuses you not just on your advancing age but the power of life, the power of a family addition, and the power of your influence for good. Family bonds, love, companionship, friendship, other people, humanity – these are the things that matter.

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