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Prize Giving Address 2017

December 4, 2017 Address to the College during Annual Prize Giving on Monday, 4 December 2017.    As per my practice I do not intend to go over the annual report today. I prefer to speak to a theme linked to our pastoral ambition of … read more

Risk Taking in Education

May 18, 2017 Published in Autumn News 2017.  Pendulums are a well-known educational phenomenon. In some cases it is much needed whilst in others the pendulum swing can be too big and hence detrimental to good educational outcomes. One current pendulum swing is … read more

Prizegiving Address

April 20, 2017 Address to the College during Annual Prize giving on Thursday, 8 December 2016.  What a year! In the prize giving program I use quotes to illustrate the themes of change and revolutions. I quote Charles Dickens from the opening line of … read more


April 20, 2017 Address to the College during the visit of the King and Queen of Tonga to Newington for the opening of the Tupou College Centre, 18 July 2016. I acknowledge it is wonderful to have the King of Tonga at Newington. … read more

Finding a Balance in Sport

April 20, 2017 Over the years, Newington has forged many excellent partnerships with sporting organisations. They have proven to be beneficial in so many ways. However, my concern is that there is a growing specialisation of all sports at younger and younger ages. … read more


April 20, 2017 Written for Autumn News Magazine 2016. This edition of News has a central theme of partnerships. As a College we have five main partnerships. These are with the boys, parents, teachers, Old Boys and community, (local, national and international). Other … read more


April 20, 2017 Address at the first full college assembly of 2016. One reason why Newington is special is our diversity – we are so multi-cultural and multi-faith and we foster difference through our unity of purpose. The Australian of the Year announced … read more

Prize Giving Address

April 20, 2017 Address at the Annual Prize Giving, 8 December 2015. I read on a t-shirt when I recently attended the IB conference for heads the following statement; “The most important things in life are not about things”. I became a grandfather this … read more

Service, Leadership and Learning to Care

April 20, 2017 Written for Autumn News 2015. The College continues to present opportunities for boys to learn how to care. Four of our eight core aims and values at Newington deliberately overlap. They are learning through service, building our character, caring for … read more


March 2, 2017 There has been justifiable press in recent times about sporting performance enhancing drugs , the push to be bigger (Bigorexia), the pressures for a certain male image (Adonis complex), and the drip down effect of these issues into the adolescence … read more