April 20, 2017

Written for Autumn News Magazine 2016.

This edition of News has a central theme of partnerships. As a College we have five main partnerships. These are with the boys, parents, teachers, Old Boys and community, (local, national and international).

Other partnerships include fellow AAGPS schools, independent schools, schools from all sectors, universities and vocational colleges, workplaces and selected charities linked to our extensive social justice programs.

The most powerful partnership is working closely with parents and each boy on the education of the whole person. We thrive on turning boys of promise into men of substance. This requires parents and teachers to work together for a lifelong education about resilience, grit, persistence and collaboration skills. We are motivated by what is best for boys, having a strong learning focus and an intent for all to Discover what’s possible.

Since 1863, Newington College has sought to challenge and motivate boys. There are so many avenues and opportunities to do this; to discover their interests and passions; to discover who they are; what they stand for and why; to discover that they can improve by persistence and depth of character; to discover the unknown; to discover imagination; to discover one must stand up for what is right; to discover the enjoyment of learning, unlearning and relearning; to discover what really matters in life; to seek justice; and to discover what is required to be life ready.

Excellent partnerships make such a journey productive, engaging and successful.

Dr David Mulford

May, 2016