Global Studies

A NESA Elective

Course Description

The aim of the Global Studies Course in Years 9 and 10 is to develop students’ knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes essential to an appreciation of contemporary global issues and to prepare students for informed and active citizenship in a changing world. Students examine a range of environmental, political, economic and social geographical processes and issues and investigate them from a range of perspectives. The course is designed to promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The course helps students develop a wide range of expertise as a basis for the HSC and IB course and beyond. There is a major focus on developing research methodology and analytical writing through the units. By focusing on a diverse range of contemporary case studies, students learn to add depth and detail into their writing. Students will also learn GIS and ICT capabilities through targeted activities and assignment, alongside developing presentation skills through oral presentations.

The course involves an environmental focus through oceanography, extreme environments of the natural world and a transect through Africa.

In terms of Economic and Political Geography, students investigate the topic of primary production with an exploration of supply chains and slave labour in the West African cacao industry and the political and economic issues associated with one of Australia’s closest neighbours such as Vietnam, Bangladesh and China. A unit on global conflict also investigates the complex interactions of causes of both historical and contemporary political instability.

New topics for 2024 include an exploration of the winners and losers in the global sport industry and some of the associated economic and political dimensions. We also will explore the dark side of globalisation through a study of illegal flows including drugs, counterfeit goods and human trafficking. Students will consider the role of global citizenship and action in helping to combat these flows.

Course Features

  • Fieldwork
    Available to Elective students only, fieldwork at an appropriate site will enable students to investigate themes raised in the classroom and gain practical experience in the field. With the incorporation of current technology, the boys will have a field experience like no other – specifically, snorkelling at Clovelly and Stockton Sand Dunes.
  • Contemporary Geographic Issues
    With the aim of developing the student’s ‘world view’, frequent analysis of the issues making the news will be a feature of the course.
  • Perspectives
    This world view will be further enhanced by “seeing things through others’ eyes”. This is highlighted by their Independent Research Project on conflict and the concepts of global citizenship.