Newington College LitFest

Newington College LitFest

In April 2021, Newington College is embarking on its 10th biennial LitFest. Aimed at encouraging young people to take part in the adventure of books and reading, LitFest is held over three days to give students the opportunity to attend sessions covering all aspects of the written, spoken, printed and visual ‘word’.

LitFest will feature many unique storytellers including authors, poets, illustrators, performers and journalists.

This year, LitFest will run from Wednesday, 28th April 2021 to Friday, 30th April 2021.

Author Talks

Our esteemed guests work with our Wyvern, Lindfield and Stanmore students and spark in them a life-long love of literature and reading, as well as inspiring a brand new generation of writers and storytellers. (Pictured: Scot Gardner and Year 9 Students in the DC Drama Theatre, LitFest 2017)

Creative Writing

Throughout LitFest, our boys are given the opportunity to work within the classroom with a variety of authors, illustrators, academics, and thinkers, and explore the creative process. (Pictured: Christoper Cyrill, LitFest 2015)

Lived Experiences

Presenters, such as Barry Heard, recount intimate and personal stories of lived experiences. (Pictured: Year 11 Modern History students listening to Barry Heard, LitFest 2017.)

Drawing Workshops

Experienced illustrators and cartoonists work with Visual Arts classes, encouraging the boys to express themselves through visual mediums. (Pictured: Matthew Lin creating a one-of-a-kind artwork for Newington College Stanmore Library, LitFest 2017)

Slam Poet Performances

LitFest isn't just limited to stories told in print. Over the years, we have been priviledged to experience poetry in action from a number of young and powerful slam poets and vocal artists. (Pictured: Philip Wilcox, LitFest 2019)

Stand-Up Presentations

To broaden their minds towards all possibilities of storytelling, students also experience stand-up presentations filled with humour, laughter, and discovery. (Pictured: Sean Choolburra, LitFest 2019)

Story Training

Over three days, our presenters are placed in our classrooms to work with our boys to inspire them to create, engage, and discover within the world of storytelling. (Pictured: Liam Pieper and Year 11 English students, LitFest 2019)

Book Launches

In 2021, Newington College LitFest is honoured to host two book launches to celebrate the release of Heroes of the Secret Underground by Susanne Gervay and Ginger Meggs: 100th Anniversay by Tristan Bancks.

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