Contributors and Testimonials

Thanks to all who contributed to the 2019 LitFest.


Many thanks also to all who have contributed their energy, time and skills towards the success of this event. LitFest would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of the Headmaster, Council of Newington College and the Parents and Friends Associations.

"There’s something dynamic that goes on with the Newington Literature Festival. There’s a pervasive feeling of creative ‘critical mass’ where we’re all challenged to think a little more deeply, broadly and incisively about the lives we lead. And we laugh. A lot."

- Scott Gardner

Testimonials from 2017

Testimonials from the 2017 Newington College LitFest from our acclaimed author guests, including: James Moloney, Susanne Gervay, James Knight and Christopher Richardson.

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Testimonials from 2015

Newington College hosted its first LitFest in 2001. Over its lifetime, the Festival has hosted many well-known Australian authors, illustrators, poets and playwrights; including Isobel Carmody, Morris Gleitzman, Andrew Daddo and Gabrielle Lord.

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  • Ann Jagger – Senior Library, Teacher Librarian (Festival Coordinator)
  • Sabine Tanase – Senior Library (Assistant Festival Coordinator)
  • Joanne Barnes – Librarian, Wyvern House (Wyvern Festival Coordinator)
  • Kylie Bain – Teacher Librarian, Lindfield Prep (Lindfield Festival Coordinator)
  • Annie Markey – Director of Communications
  • Linda Munns-Conry – Head of Library
  • Richard Wheeldon – Head of English
  • Tamara Smith – Head of Drama
  • Terence Priester – English Teacher, ICT Facilitator

"In every one of the eleven sessions I conducted I found the boys engaged, focused and receptive. The questions the students asked showed that there is a growing appreciation of both the craft of writing and the power of literature to inform, entertain and, at times, to transform the way we approach issues of social justice and human rights."

- Arnold Zable


  • Parents and Friends Association, Stanmore
  • Parents and Friends Association, Wyvern
  • Parents and Friends Association, Lindfield
  • Alliance Catering
  • Lindsay Raven for his help with timetabling
  • English Department for their wonderful help and support
  • Tamara Smith for the innovative Theatre Sports Competition
  • Newington College ICT Department for their organisation of all things electrical and electronic
  • FX Service Center
  • Annie Markey, Alile Elderidge, Andre Melawi and Nicole Aradas for their digital promotions
  • Lily Young and her amazing student volunteers

Postscript Team

Mentored by Ms Lily Young and freelance journalist Jack Lynch, the following student reporters and photographers will diligently work to meet deadlines and report on all the official, and unofficial, happenings of the days.

"As much as I loved speaking, I most enjoyed listening to the boys and young men who have the world at their feet. Rowers, footballers, potential university students; those with definite dreams, others shrugging their shoulders at tomorrow, and all facing the responsibility of leading the younger generations into the future. Good luck you blokes. I reckon we’re in good hands. "

- James Knight