Pillars of Distinction

Welcome to Newington College. This is the official site for the Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018 'Discover what's possible'.

Strategic Plans for the Pillars of Distinction

1. Learning and Teaching

Newington College values the pursuit of academic excellence and discovery. It provides an environment in which all boys have the opportunity to maximise their potential. The College will continue to display innovation in curriculum development and teaching practice within the context of our specialist boys’ education.

2. Well-being, Character and Service

Newington College is committed to providing an environment where every person is treated with dignity and respect and is valued as a member of the school and wider community.

3. Spirituality, Values and Ethics

Newington College is a learning community founded on and shaped by its Wesleyan Christian tradition. Since 1977 we have been in close association with the Uniting Church. The Uniting Church Education Charter includes the following elements. The Uniting Church;

  • Values all people as created in the image of God
  • Believes that all people have rights and responsibilities for the well-being of society
  • Understands that education is a ‘lifelong journey by which all people develop the ability to participate in society and lead lives that are life creating and life sharing’
  • Encourages excellence in education by which the God given gifts and talents of people are fully developed
  • Promotes the value of diversity in educational provision, expression and access
  • Acknowledges the primary importance of families in the context of education of children.

4. Co-curricular Engagement

Co-curricular options that occur outside the classroom provide boys with opportunities to build self-esteem, self-worth, skill development, physical and/or mental fitness, teamwork, leadership and confidence. Newington College encourages participation in a wide range of individual and team activities to help with positive character development.

5. Community in Partnership

Newington College is proud of our exceptionally strong sense of community held by boys, parents, staff, College Council and Old Boys. Since 1863, our culture has developed by placing a key emphasis on relationships and a commitment to serve others. We aspire to make every member of the Newington Community feel welcome, connected and appreciated.



Pillars of Distinction

Where will we focus our efforts?

  • Learning and Teaching
  • Well-being, Character and Service
  • Spirituality, Values and Ethics
  • Co-curricular Engagement
  • Community in Partnership