Swim Squad

Located on our Stanmore campus, our indoor, 8 lane, 25m pool, hosts swimming programs for all abilities from Learn to Swim to National level swimmers.

NewSPORT Swim Squad programs

Our programs include

  • A comprehensive Learn to Swim program, from non-swimmers to preparation for squads.
  • A 2 tier Junior Competitive Squad program, building on the foundations of skill acquisition and development.
  • A 3 tier Senior Competitive Squad program for our State and National age group swimmers.
  • A Fitness Swimming program for those swimmers who enjoy training to keep swim fit and enhance their skills in other sports, such as surf lifesaving, water polo, tennis, and rugby.

Squad Training

Squads are available to swimmers year-round and typically based around the NSW Swimming championship dates. As a guide, each year is broken up into three main seasons. Swimmers are encouraged to take scheduled breaks between seasons.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

(Term 1)
(Term 2 – 3)
(Term 3 – 4)
Championships Meet
Summer (Long Course)
National Age Champs
Championships Meet
Winter (Short Course)
NSW State SC Champs
Championships Meet
Summer (Long Course)
NSW State LC Champ


Expectations of Competitive Swimmers include:

  • Commitment to the season plan including training and racing
  • Strong communication with coaching staff
  • Display of leadership within the squads and club.

Expectations of Competitive Swimming parents include:

  • Commitment to the season plan.
  • Work together with coaching staff to develop well-rounded coachable athlete.
  • Offer guidance and support to new members.

Coaching Staff

Jared Goldthorpe – Head Swim Coach (Gold Performance Squad)
Jared Goldthorpe, our esteemed Head Swim Coach, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to guide Newington Swim Squads. A former Australian Open Medallist and NCAA Honorary All-American, Jared transitioned seamlessly from a successful professional swimming career to coaching, starting in 2012.

Since assuming the role of Head Coach at Newington in 2019, Jared has consistently guided our team to remarkable achievements, including multiple state, and national medals. Under his leadership, our team has clinched an impressive 6x AAGPS titles, shattered over 20x GPS records, set 5x NSW Records, and achieved 1x National Record. Jared holds a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education from ACPE and studied Sports Psychology at WVU, USA.

Jared’s coaching philosophy instils commitment, attitude, and effort as core values while empowering swimmers to take ownership of their swimming to unlock their full potential.

Byron Li – Assistant Head Swim Coach (Silver Squad)
As our Assistant Head Swim Coach overseeing the Silver Squad, Byron plays a pivotal role in nurturing our swimmers’ talents. Joining Newington in 2021, Byron has made a significant impact, guiding numerous state and national medallists.

With a diverse educational background encompassing separate degrees in Law and Economics at Sydney University and extensive experience in the legal field, Byron brings a unique set of skills to our coaching team. Byron’s swimming experience extends over 18 years, he has swum in state level squads in both China and Australia and has been involved in coaching and teaching swimming at all levels up to nationals.

His expertise extends beyond the pool, a solid foundation in strength and conditioning stemming from almost a decade of powerlifting ensures our athletes have access to excellent dryland and gym programming.

Thomas Oates – Competitive Coach (Bronze Squad)

Thomas Oates, our dedicated Competitive Squads Coach for the Bronze level, is passionate about cultivating young talent and instilling a love for swimming. With a background as a National Age Swimming Finalist and notable strengths in Breaststroke and Sprint Freestyle Events, Thomas brings first-hand experience to his coaching role.

Balanced with his coaching, Thomas is currently pursuing a Civil Engineering Degree at Sydney University. Since beginning his coaching career, Thomas has already coached multiple NSW Junior State Qualifiers, demonstrating his commitment to developing swimmers at every level of their journey here at Newington.

Swim Squad Pathways

Our squad structure accommodates three separate pathways, both focused on the progressive development of our swimmer’s technical skills and overall fitness levels.

1. Non-competitive fitness swimming

Swimmers wishing to develop their overall health and fitness or who swim for fun. Each swimmer will be exposed to all the technical aspects of the sport, but there will be less focus on the areas of competitive swimming and racing.

  • SwimFit (General swimming fitness)
  • College Squad (High performance fitness training)

2. Foundational swimming and racing skills

Swimmers wishing to develop their skills, or looking to transition towards competitive swimming.

  • Learn to Swim
  • Orange Beginner Squad (Intro to squads)
  • Orange Advance Squad (Intro to racing)

1. NSW Swimming – competitive

Swimmers wishing to develop as a competitive swimmer who are  aiming to compete in external meets (from small local meets through to State and National Championships). There will be a strong focus on competition and race skills, teamwork, nutrition, dry-land (gym) work, and other technical aspects of swimming.

  • Bronze Squad (Introduction to performance swimming)
  • Silver Squad (NSW State)
  • Gold Squad (National Age, Elite Athlete Program)

Newington College Swim Team

Each year staff select a swim team to represent Newington at the AAGPS championships.

AAGPS swimming is a representative summer sport held in term 4 and term 1 of the school year. Swimmers selected in the team will be asked to juggle this commitment with their selected summer sport.

The Swim Team is selected based on results from Newington Age Championships held in the first week of term 1. These results, in conjunction with displayed character, are compiled together to determine who would be strongest to represent Newington College.

Newington Swim Club

NewSC is a year-round sport for students and non-students to compete in external swim meets governed by Swimming NSW.

Membership of the Newington Swimming Club is compulsory for all swimmers who select to swim in our competitive squad program (Gold, Silver, and Bronze Squad). Swimmers in Orange squad are encouraged to participate in club night racing and eventually join the club. Membership for non-competitive (fitness) swimmers is also welcome.

Find more information about The Newington Swimming Club here.

Contact us

Please contact us about the Newington Swim Squad program at swimschool@newington.nsw.edu.au or  02 9568 9401